For every person on the planet, there is over 500 kg of plastic waste in the environment. It is time to say no to plastic in your daily life.

Every minute, the equivalent of a dump truck of plastic waste enters our oceans. Check the waste produced in your household. If you cannot reuse, recycle or compost something, maybe you do not need it.

There are 5–7 plastic gyres each by the size of Europe, drifting in the ocean. Help reducing plastic waste, by avoid plastic packaging and bringing your own bag for shopping.

By 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish, if we do not change our behavior. Every plastic straw you give up helps to protect their habitat.

91% of all plastic around the world is not recycled. Better to ditch plastic and use a bar soap insted of bottled shampoo.

80% of the plastic waste in the ocean comes from land. Use glas or steel bottles instead of single-use plastic ones, to ensure less waste enters the ocean.

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